Hyundai Starex

Hyundai Starex (with driver)

2.5cc Manual, 2WD, 9 Passengers, 3 Doors, Petrol

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Our service-minded and friendly drivers will make it easy for you to relax and feel safe. All our drivers have miles of experience from ordinary public transport and tour coach journeys home and abroad. Our sales consultants will help you quick and efficient with all your requests. We have been working with many different events and tour coach requests, such as:

  • Sightseeing trip
  • school /business excursions
  • company trips
  • teambuilding / kick off tours
  • transfers from airports and cruise ships
  • transportation to conventions, concerts, sporting
  • events and other arrangements

Determine the group size, date, times, and locations for your service.
Bus/coaches come in a variety of sizes, seating anywhere from 22 to 40 passengers. When initiating your request, please indicate the actual expected group size. Do not list the largest seating capacity available unless you actually require that many seats. Estimates are based on all itineraries to determine whether appropriate time has been allotted, and will price the trip accordingly.

Fees and Payments

Once an estimate quote has been accepted, must submit at least deposit of 50% of the total estimate quote in order for it to be accepted; the remaining balance must be received no later than one week before the service.The Charter Services office may, at their discretion, cancel any service which has not been paid in full by this deadline. Last minute cancellation is not allowed. Parking and lodging fees necessary for performing the itinerary are the chartering group's responsibility.Changes to the itinerary may result in additional fees, and requests for unscheduled stops will be made entirely at the driver's discretion

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we are very satisfied with the packages to china from twtmiri, we have brought to many interesting places in china

Micheal Shaun May. 30th, 2014

My life changed ever since i took the 5 day tour to Singapore with family. I have never seen anything so wonderous and i really recommend it to adventurers who want something to remember. A great trip to share with your friends and family. No doubt is it a conversation starter.   

Anita McTavish Oct. 9th, 2011


Finally, our adventure trip 3D2N  Mulu Caves at Mulu National park finish on day 2. In our trip, we was observe million of bats out of cave, using the boat made by the Mulu people and swim at clear water spring. We feel tied during the trip, but tied was disappear when we start getting closer to the finish trip. This is a photo with great smile before we leave the cave. 

Lavenda Yong 23. Aug, 2014

Mulu National Park is a very Nice place

LEE june. 10th, 2014

Tahun ini kami sekeluarga telah memilih Gunung Mulu yang terletak di Sarawak. Kami telah memilih package 3D2N dari TWTMIRI. Kami sekeluarga sangat gembira dan segar dengan keindahan flora dan fauna Mulu walaupun ada berasa sedikit keletihan. Sangat berterima kasih TWTMIRI kerana menyediakan package yang sangat baik dan harga yang berpatutan. Thank you.

Siti Wahidah 19. May, 2014

After we finish a briefing under the mountain, then we start climbing the mountain Kinabalu, We start the walk by going up the stair and already feel that it will be a hard and extreme trip. Finally we finish the trip climbing mountain Kinabalu with full Extreme and very high trip.

Mark 11. JUNE, 2013

before proceeding to leave the Mulu Cave. Back to the resort, relax and sit a while at Mulu people home.    

LEE JIA MEI 12. APR, 2014

Taook a photo before swimming at clear water Mulu. Water is very cool and clear, make my whole body feel fresh. Mulu is a nice place with many flora and fauna and it looks green and natural.

Aloria Glaccy 19. JAN, 2014